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About Girlfriend

What began as a lighthearted meme coin has evolved into something truly extraordinary. The Girlfriend Project is proud to announce our transition into a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge decentralised finance (DeFi) products.

We firmly believe that the power of our ecosystem lies in the hands of our valued token holders. As such, we will continue to involve you in key decision-making processes and reward your loyalty through exclusive perks, governance rights, and revenue sharing opportunities.

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GF represents a unique social experiment, built on the principles of community empowerment and shared ownership and to achieve that, we have implemented the following principles:

  • Community Project: The GF Token is driven by the collective efforts and contributions of our community.

  • No Team Allocation: We have opted for a fair and equity by eliminating any token allocation to the team.

  • No Fundraising: We have not conducted any fundraising activities. Instead, we rely on the organic growth and contributions of our community to drive the project forward.

  • Contract renounced, Liquidity locked. 2% buy/sell tax- 50% goes to liquidity & burned.

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  • Total supply- 420B
  • Liquidity- 80%
  • Airdrop- 15%
  • Marketing- 5%


The GF token lies at the core of our ecosystem, offering a range of unique utilities and benefits to our community members. As a GF token holder, you gain access to a world of exclusive opportunities and privileges:

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First Access

Get early access to new features, products, and services within the Girlfriend Project ecosystem. Stay one step ahead and enjoy the benefits of being among the first to explore our latest developments.

Revenue Sharing

Participate in our revenue-sharing program, where a portion of the all the GF ecosystem project's income is distributed back to GF token holders. Benefit directly from the success and growth of the ecosystem.


Hold a stake in the governance of the Girlfriend Project. Your GF tokens grant you the ability to influence and shape the future direction of our ecosystem. Your voice matters, and we value your active participation.

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